Universal Postal Congress

The Universal Postal Congress is the supreme authority of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). It brings together plenipotentiaries of the Union's 192 member countries every four years to discuss the state of the global postal sector and decide on its future.

Plenipotentiaries are invested with full powers to act on behalf of their countries.

In 2016 at the 26th Universal Postal Congress, the member countries are expected to adopt the new world postal strategy or roadmap for the new work cycle, commencing in 2017. Rules governing the exchange of international mail will also be discussed in detail.


As part of the proceedings, the UPU director general and deputy director general will be elected.

The incumbents, Director General Bishar A. Hussein (Kenya) and Deputy Director General Pascal Clivaz (Switzerland), are currently serving a four-year term, after being elected at the Doha Congress in 2012.

They may hold office for a further four years, if Congress so wishes it.


Between Congresses, the Council of Administration, consisting of 41 member countries, and the Postal Operations Council, made up of 40 member countries, normally continue the work of the Union. The Consultative Committee, whose members represent postal stakeholders at large, participates in the work of the Union.

The International Bureau, based in Berne, Switzerland, acts as the secretariat of the Union and employs about 250 employees.