Bureau of Congress

The Bureau of Congress is the central body responsible for directing the work of Congress. It is tasked with coordinating, reviewing and guiding the progress of Congress work. Among its members are the Congress Chair and Vice-Chairs, as well as the chairs of each Congress committee.

The Congress Chair is Turkey, represented by Mr. Kenan Bozgeyik, Chairman of the Executive Board and Director General of the Postal and Telegraph Corporation (PTT) of Turkey. The vice-chairs of Congress are Cuba, Belarus, China (People's Rep.) and Kenya.


Mr. Wilfredo López Rodríguez

Director of Regulation, Ministry of Communications


Ms. Irina Saksonova

Director General, RUE Belpochta

China (People's Republic)

Ms. Hongyan Shen

Director General of the Department of External Affairs, State Post Bureau


Mr. Francis W. Wangusi

Director General, Communications Authority of Kenya


Seven committees, each with a chair and vice-chair, help to carry out the work of Congress.





C1 (Credentials)

United States of America

Mr. Joseph Murphy

Chief, International Postal Policy, U.S. Department of State


Ms. Padmagandha Mishra

Assistant Director General, International Relations, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology


C2 (Finance)


Mr. Hiroshi Nakayama

Director of the International Affairs Office, Postal Services Policy Department, Ministry of Internal Affairs & Communications

Costa Rica

Mr. Mauricio Rojas

General Manager, Correos de Costa Rica


C3 (General Policy and Management of the Work of the Union)

South Africa

Ms. Nonkqubela Jordan-Dyani

Acting Deputy Director General, ICT International Affairs & Trade Branch, Department of Telecommunications & Postal Services


Mr. Jack Hamande

Board Chairman, Belgian Institute for Postal Services & Telecommunications


C4 (Convention)


Mr. Siva Somasundram

General Manager, International Regulatory Affairs, Australia Post

Congo (Rep.)


C5 (Postal Financial Services)

Russian Federation

Mr. Vladimir Salakhutdinov

Deputy Director General for Financial Business, FSUE Russian Post


Mr. Germán Vázquez Asenjo

Manager, International Department, Sub-Directorate General of Postal Affairs


C6 (Development Cooperation)


Mr. Jean-Paul Forceville

Director, Regulatory, Institutional & European Affairs, La Poste

Saudi Arabia

Mr. Sami Freej Alowedi

Vice President for Postal Services Sector, Saudi Post Corporation


C7 (Drafting)


Mr. Abdeladim El Massoudi

Director of the Project Management Office, General Management, Poste Maroc


Mr. Aimé Theubet

Director of International Affairs, Swiss Post