Credentials and proxies

Registered delegates must present their credentials or proxies in in person order to be able to participate in Congress activities.

These credentials must be signed by the Head of State, the Head of Government or the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the member country and submitted at the start of Congress. For delegates entitled to sign the Union Acts, these credentials must also define the scope of their signature. For instance, the signature may be distinguished as signature subject to ratification or approval, signature ad referendum, or definitive signature. More information can be found in Article 3 of the Rules of Procedure of Congresses.

Delegates who do not have credentials or have not submitted them may participate in debates and vote in committee sessions if their names have been communicated in advance by their Government to the Government of the host country when registering. This also applies to those whose credentials are found not to be in order. However, the UPU Credentials Committee will review all credentials after the beginning of Congress and before the plenary sessions. If a delegate’s credentials are not in order after this review, the delegate will not be allowed to vote or sign on behalf of his or her member country during plenary sessions.

Alternate representation

Member countries may arrange to be represented by the delegation of another member country, on the understanding that a delegation may only represent one other country than its own. These proxy representatives require the same credentials as delegates.

If a delegation is not able to attend one or more meetings after it has submitted its credentials, it may arrange representation from another member country by submitting written notice to the chairs of the meetings in question. Please be aware that this delegation of power is not the same as a proxy. While a designated representative can participate and vote on behalf of the absent member country during the meeting in question, he or she does not have the power to sign the Acts on behalf of another country.

For examples of properly submitted credentials and proxies, please see the models attached in the sidebar. Credentials or proxies sent by telegram will not be accepted.

Reminder: Even if delegates' credentials are in order, they will not be able to vote on the Postal Payment Services Agreement if their country is not party to that Agreement. If a country did not sign the Agreement at the 25th Congress, it may still become party by acceding to it at any time (Article 27, Constitution).


Key credential requirements

  • Must be signed by the Head of State, the Head of Government or the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the country concerned
  • Must specify the scope of the delegate’s signature
  • Must be submitted at the opening of Congress
  • Will be assessed by the Credentials Committee at Congress


Credentials 1

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Credentials 2

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Proxy 1

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Proxy 2

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