Doha Postal Strategy

The Doha Postal Strategy was formally adopted by the UPU's member countries during the 25th Universal Postal Congress in 2012.

Member countries and postal stakeholders worldwide were widely consulted during the drafting of the strategy. It contains four broad goals, which are further developed into 18 programmes dealing with specific issues.

As the UPU moves into the new 2017-2020 cycle, it is important to note what the organization and its member countries have been able to achieve to meet these goals over the last four years.  

Improve the interoperability of the international postal networks

Postal networks must operate efficiently to deliver the highest quality of service and meet customers' needs and expectations. The UPU will continue to work to strengthen the three dimensions of postal networks - physical, electronic/digital and financial. A priority is improving the efficiency and integrity of the global supply chain through an integrated and coordinated approach for addressing the issues facing the movement of postal items.


Notable achievements
  • 119 Quality of Service Fund (QSF) projects approved for implementation
  • Mail delivered within one day or arrival at delivery units and other improvements in more than 90 countries
  • 114 designated operators have joined the Global Monitoring System
  • 21 messaging and 16 technical standards were updated

Provide technical knowledge and expertise related to the postal sector

Exploit UPU expertise to position the organi­zation as a key forum for the exchange of ideas and best practices and the development of analytical tools, such as statistics, related to the postal sector.


Notable achievements
  • 6 new training centres opened
  • UPU hosted 100 workshops  for memberships countries, including 19 regional workshops for quality of service
  • 10,000 postal staff are now trained on Trainpost
  • Integrated Index for Postal Development (2IPD) methodology established
  • 40 countries joined the UPU’s campaign to raise public awareness of dangerous goods in the mail

Promote innovative products and services

Postal operators that have diversified their activities and invested in the postal network's three dimensions – physical, financial and digital/electronic – have fared better than other operators. The UPU will promote this approach and help its members take advantage of opportunities that result from the diversification of their products and services. It will also foster innovation in the network’s three dimensions.


Notable achievements
  • UPU launched PosTransfer, its first global trademark for postal remittances
  • 164 designated operators now sharing data through Global Track and Trace
  • 29 new domain names registered on  .Post

Foster sustainable development of the postal sector

Sustainable development should be understood in its broadest sense to encompass the sustainability of postal business models and not only environmental and social issues.


Notable achievements
  • More than 50 per cent of member countries have moved to the target system of terminal dues
  • 40 member countries use the UPU*Clearing service to speed up the settling of accounts between Posts
  • 151,449,507 SDR cleared in 2015
  • 23,000 rural post offices in Asia-Pacific were connected to the UPU financial network
  • 7 million USD project started to increase access to postal financial services in rural areas in 11 African countries




2013 - 2016